Get ready for the new face of  Parking in Nigeria

1508 Limited is Nigeria's premier parking solution provider. Our job is to serve you the great people of Nigeria and its visitors by ensuring an easy and convenient parking experience for you, while keeping traffic moving and secure.

Easy Park and Display

Our parking machines allow you to easily select your duration of parking and issue you a ticket to display in your car.

Easy Payment

Our machines accept all debit and ATM cards and support for SMS and mobile payments is on the way.

Friendly Service

Our parking attendants and personnel are well trained professionals and respect you our customers.

Car Park Management

We provide full car park management including  infrastructure, enforcement and regulatory compliance

Parking Technologies

We provide the latest parking technologies such as meters, sensors, cameras and number plate recognition technologies

Parking Consultancy

We offer consultancy services to local and state governments and private entities on successful parking solutions
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Lagos, LA, NG, LA
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